Juno Gibbs after defeating ASM in Lyon (28-19): 'The state of mind was there' (video)

Juno Gibbs after defeating ASM in Lyon (28-19): ‘The state of mind was there’ (video)

Juno Gibbs (Coach ASM Claremont): We got what we deserve. We had the chance to smash the defensive bonus point in the last 10 minutes. But we got impatient and lost some balls under pressure. We now have a real benchmark match that we will be able to work on. We did some good things but we struggled before the break in the highlights. With my assistants, we are very excited after this first match. Even in times of Leon’s great dominance, on our streak, the guys never gave up. They defended their line and the balloons that Leon was carrying. The state of mind was present. Our invasion also responded for the time being. But we were not rewarded. This match will allow us to work more accurately to the reception of Custer (next Saturday, 3pm) as we will have the support of the Yellow Army to support us. “

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Pierre Mignone (Lyon coach): “Yeah, I’m comfortable. We knew it was going to be a tough match. I’m very proud of the players. They were mobilized throughout the prep, while we had to play tonight (Sunday) with a very small workforce. I felt good energy very quickly and it paid off. Our start in The match wasn’t easy because we made it complicated. We gave gifts to Clermont, for our lack of discipline. But we came back. We scored when we needed to. With the few balls we had, we were efficient. We write two beautiful articles about things we worked on. Well done players. !”

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Clermontois Notes After LOU – ASM (28-19)

Etienne Falgoux (left column of ASM) : “It’s a disappointing loss of course. The group gave a lot and this game finally got away from us. We put in a lot of energy and desire (on the pitch) but we don’t get paid in the end. However, we can’t hope for a result by making too many mistakes. And losing a lot of balls. We will have to correct the situation and move on.”

Morgan Barra (ASM Clermont scrum half) : “There is frustration when you are a player, and you want to win matches. There is frustration because we start the game well but then give the points easily. We had to go through phases of play to score only three points. LOU fed on our mistakes. We were beaten in the pits, But there were good things too.”

Compiled by Christophe Boron, Didier Croce and Raphael Rochet

Video: Philip Robert

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