Las neozelandesa se abrazan tras consagrarse campeonas olímpicas

Tokyo 2020: New Zealand win women’s rugby gold and Fiji bronze | News

New Zealand’s women’s rugby team 7 lived up to expectations by declaring themselves Olympic champion on Friday after beating France (26-12) in the final, while third place went to Fiji who beat Great Britain (21-12) in the bronze. .

The two teams were the favorites to reach the final, as they also met three years ago in the World Cup final in San Francisco (USA), where the New Zealanders also won.

The first semi-final seemed destined to be a picnic for the New Zealanders, but Fiji came in response to the point that after leading for most of the match, they were forced into extra time thanks to an article without an hour by Vasiti Solokoviti and Vignana. Riwai fails the transformation that would have given him victory.

In overtime, played under the “golden point” formula, New Zealand’s best version was seen, which moved the oval in high esteem for two minutes until Gael Broughton scored the winning essay next to the left pennant (24-19).

France had less difficulty in eliminating Great Britain, quickly slipping (14-0) by Seraphine Okemba and Cecil Siovani to take the lead for the rest of the match despite Britain’s reaction, led by sharp Welsh winger Jasmine Joyce, composing two marks (26-19).

New Zealand and France played a close final, with scores from Michaela Blade and Caroline Drouin, until the last game of the first half, when Tila Nathan Wong scored the attempt that gave Black Fern an advantage they didn’t. Fall to the end and even increase in the second half.

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The surprising run of Fiji, a team that had never qualified for the semi-finals on the international circuit, was concluded with a bronze medal after the Mouwas final, as they dominated the British from an Aloysie Naqousi attempt in the first minute.


Publication date: 7/31/2021

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