Emma Timmis traversee de la nouvelle zelande en courant

Britain’s Emma Timis breaks New Zealand’s speed record

15 days less than the previous record! Brilliant performance by Emma Timmis, 37, who, on January 7, completed the 2,100 km north-south crossing of New Zealand in just 20 days, 17 hours and 17 minutes. A strong return to the endurance racing arena for this veteran and committed adventurer who, four years ago, was “at the bottom of the pit,” mired in depression. A pathologist who now devotes all her efforts to her. “I’ve never done anything difficult,” Emma Timis told New Zealand media, returning 2,100 km from her north-south crossing to New Zealand. The feat was completed on January 7, 20 days, 17 hours and 17 minutes later. This is a daily average of 100 km based on 12 hours of running. Which puts it far ahead of the previous mark – 35 days 27 minutes – set in 2020 by Welshman Mina Evans. But this ingenuity will not surprise those who followed the career of this tormented athlete. To the astonishment of journalists, Emma Themis explained that she actually traveled “longer distances”, or “at a higher speed”. Among its offerings, it counts 2,400 kilometers of Freedom Trail in South Africa; Horizontal Crossing of Africa from Namibia to Mozambique: A 3,974 km Journey Completed in 89 Days. Not to mention crossing Australia by bike (7,951 km!), or even a gentle 210 km hike on karts in the Netherlands. Impressive in her eyes, but not nearly as much, as this latest New Zealand adventure, the “modest 2,100-kilometre crossing,” which she has dedicated to a cause that is in particular “close to her heart,” she says: the mental health of young adults. A pathology that you know so well because he suffered from it for a long time. So this latest record also represents, above all, the remarkable return, both sporting and psychological, of a multi-athlete…

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