Air New Zealand Dreamliner cargo plane returns to Tahiti on May 20

Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner cargo plane returned to Tahiti on May 20

An Air New Zealand Dreamliner cargo ship will return to Tahiti FAA airport on May 20. No passengers on board, just cargo bound for Polynesia, waiting weeks in Auckland.

Air New Zealand’s 787 Dreamliner returns soon to Tahiti! The deadline is May 20, even if it will take off from New Zealand on May 21, because of the time difference. On board, there are no passengers but freight is pending in Auckland. In fact, due to the health crisis, regular flights with New Zealand are currently suspended.

This cargo flight, which is Kiwi’s third since March, will be able to Carrying up to 45 tons of cargoCrystal Polley, Air New Zealand’s director of Polynesia explains. Due to the current low traffic, the airline occasionally leases one of its planes from a local charterer, the Jaff Express. He is responsible for filling it with outgoing and return shipping to amortize costs. Last month, on its second cargo flight from New Zealand, the charterer in question switched to Air Tahiti Nui.

This next trip will therefore be an opportunity for those who are waiting for parcels from New Zealand or who have to send them to contact their shipping agent.

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