Legislative elections in Australia and New Zealand have already begun

Legislative elections in Australia and New Zealand have already begun

what a total 409152 ARGENTINA LIVING ABROAD They were able to vote in the general legislative elections in 133 diplomatic representatives of Argentina.

the National Elections Directorate (DINE) stated that in order to vote, Argentines abroad must meet the requirements of having a registered address abroad on the DNI dated before June 16.


Votes received from abroad are counted in each province and added to the region in which the last address of the registered voter in Argentina appears.

Although voting is voluntary and not mandatory, the number of Argentines living abroad who participate in elections has increased in recent years: in the 2019 presidential election, 49,300 authorized delegates attended, 12% of the electorate. 385,000 were enabled at the time, and that number far exceeded the 2017 legislation, which was 14,007 people, which was also a record.

The provinces with the largest number of overseas voters are the federal capital with a number of 152,093; Buenos Aires 125.076; Mendoza, 27935; Cordova, 26983; Santa Fe, 25.043; between rivers 6441; Missions, 6139; Tucuman, 5153; jump, 4246; St. John, 3769; Rio Negro, 301 3; Formosan, 3268; currents, 3,012; Chaco 2674; Chubut, 2357; Neuquen, 2304; Jujuy, 197 2; St. Louis 1693; Santiago del Estero, 1429; pampas, 1300; Holy Cross, 947; According to CNE numbers, Tierra del Fuego, 720, and La Rioja, 509.

The cities with the largest number of Argentine voters are Spain, among others: Barcelona with 36,534, Madrid 28861, Cadiz with 10622; In the United States: Miami with 31707, New York 22393 and Los Angeles 18995. In Paraguay: Asuncion with 14,723; In Uruguay: Montevideo: 13,988 inhabitants; in Chile: Santiago de Chile, number 13,277; In Israel and Tel Aviv 13172 and in Italy: Milan 11263 according to 2019 figures provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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