Avion à hydrogène : Air New Zealand s'envole avec Airbus

Air New Zealand flies with Airbus

Air New Zealand said it is working with Airbus to study incorporating hydrogen aircraft into its domestic flights.

Although the establishment of this sector will take many years, more and more airlines are interested in hydrogen. As Lufthansa launches research program around Hydrogen aircraft ground maintenanceAir New Zealand has just formalized a partnership with Airbus. Objective: To study the integration of hydrogen aircraft on some of its internal routes.

Under the terms of the agreement, the airline and aerospace group will study the impact that hydrogen-powered aircraft could have on Air New Zealand’s network, operations and infrastructure.

« We will work closely with Airbus to understand the opportunities and challenges, including achievable flight distance and the ground infrastructure requirements needed to implement this technology in New Zealand. says Captain David Morgan, Chief Operations and Safety Officer for Air New Zealand.

“New Zealand has a unique opportunity to be a world leader in the adoption of zero-emissions aircraft, given the country’s commitment to renewable energy that can be used to generate green hydrogen. Greg Foran, President of the New Zealand company commented.

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