INTERNATIONAL - Le torchon brûle entre l’Australie et la Nouvelle-Zélande

International – a piece of cloth on fire between Australia and New Zealand

in a New ZealandWe’re not kidding about Covid-19, all it takes is one group to remake the whole country. A measure that makes it possible to effectively eradicate the epidemic, but does not go well with the principle of international meeting. In fact, the situation in New Zealand has prompted the federation to suspend future rugby championship matches. This decision clearly does not suit the taste of Australian coach Dave Rainey. The latter made it known that he was “crazy” From this decision and how it was reached.Rugby Championship. The All Blacks canceled their matches, uncertainty over the international calendarThe golden and green coach highlighted a ‘One-sided decision’ and one “Disappointing connection” than their counterparts in New Zealand. He highlighted the fact that Australian players had heard the news On social networks. It also indicated a kind of selfishness on the part of the leadership of the neighboring country. At a press conference, the man apparently did not utter his words:

We have all made sacrifices to ensure that matches take place, particularly in the financial interest of everyone and in the interest of the competitions. They are playing it safe, but our players haven’t been home in eight weeks. It is unclear how it will end, and it is likely that they will not return until the end of November due to this decision. The attitude of New Zealand, which does not respect its commitment, is really disappointing. They are selfish and have no idea what they are doing.”

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With the rugby tournament forced to be suspended and if the New Zealanders reach an agreement, meetings are at risk of being pushed back to the beginning of autumn. Consequently, Australian players, such as South Africa and the Argentines, will not benefit from the usual break between the rugby tournament and the European Tour in October and November.

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