Today’s Children’s Program: We can offer you these children’s films and series on May 16th.  recommend

Today’s Children’s Program: We can offer you these children’s films and series on May 16th. recommend

Looking for baby tips for Tuesday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Whether it’s an animated series, youth series or reality documentary: here you will find an overview of really worthwhile TV shows. turn it on!

What’s next for kids on TV today? Photo: Adobestock/Roi_and_Roi

With’s Children’s Tips of the Day, you’re well informed today, whether it’s a cartoon, an animated series or a youth series: We’ve found you five great children’s programs from the TV show again, so you can see only the best this Tuesday. You can expect great actors and actresses like David Meier and Benjamin Nathan-Serio. These are the recommendations for children’s television:

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Animated Series: “Jim Hensons: Doozers” (09:35 on KiKa)

Spike, Daisy, Molly and Flex are real tinkerers. Together with many other tractors they lived in Doozertal. Spike is the head of the group. Designs action plans and supports the team with outstretched arms. Tinkering, ceramics, design and creativity are always the focus of Bulldozers. No matter how difficult the task, bulldozers “do it, do it, do it”!.

This animated series on KiKa runs for 35 minutes.

Youth Series: “Schloss Einstein – Erfurt” with David Meyer and Marie Borchardt (2:10 p.m. KiKa time)

In the fictional boarding school “Schloss Einstein” everything revolves around the typical problems of puberty, first love, friendships, adventures and problems with parents. Children get a lot of support from teachers and classmates.

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This youth series from Sabine Landgreber with David Meyer as David, Marie Borchardt as Pepe, Hugo Geissler as Hubertus, Henrik Fritz as Constance, Noah Alipay as Henk and Helen Mardyk as Roxy promises 50 minutes of entertainment.

Animated Series: “4 ½ Friends” with Benjamin Nathan Syrio and Joe Louis (4:15 PM on KiKa)

The man with the umbrella: Mrs. Ruttkel’s earrings were stolen from the staff room. Kali is very eager to solve this case. He wants to impress his sister’s friend, Caro, on him. A bright umbrella leads 4 1/2 detectives out on the road. Did the jewelry theft have anything to do with beautiful Gerd’s hacked computer? Callie’s infatuation with Caro doesn’t necessarily make the case easier to solve.

This animated series by Juan Carlos Concha with Benjamin Nathan Serio as Charlie and Joe Louis in a unique role promises 25 minutes of entertainment.

Children’s Magazine: “PUR+” with Eric Meyer (7:25 p.m. on KiKa)

No fruit, no vegetables, no less plants – this is what our world would look like without bees. They and other insects are threatened and becoming less and less. Can we humans survive without bees? Thirteen-year-old Timo becomes a beekeeper. How does he protect the bee colony from starvation, freezing and parasite infestation? In the “PUR+” experiment: 30 students try to substitute the work of bees. They pollinate strawberry blossoms by hand. Do they harvest strawberries?

This children’s magazine is hosted by Eric Meyer on KiKa and lasts 25 minutes.

Reality Documentary: “The Boys Flat Share – The Lisbon Adventure” (8:35pm on KiKa)

For the first time, five self-assured boys must assert themselves in the world far from their parents’ home. As a community sharing an apartment, they move into gorgeous accommodations in the Portuguese city of Lisbon for four weeks.

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This reality documentary on KiKa lasts 25 minutes.

If you’re looking for exciting movies, series or other current sports on the TV show, you’ll find plenty of TV recommendations in our TV news section.

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