SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read including the new book by TC Boyle – SWR2

SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read including the new book by TC Boyle – SWR2

With books by T. C. Boyle, David Graeber, David Wingro, Whitty Ihimaira, Olivier Guy, Fabrice Tarin, Felix Leigh, and Thilo Diefenbach.

California dries up while Florida sinks. Such is the bleak situation in TC Boyle’s new environmental novel, Blue Skies.

Help is coming! In their book Beginnings, David Graeber and David Wingro show how people can control crises.
A strong reading recommendation from American author Isabel Fargo Cole!

“One university – one book”: This summer, the University of Mainz is trying out the New Zealand sea fairy tale “Whalerider”.Great read. Mainz book researcher Ank Vogel explains the procedure.

Unfortunately Failed: The New Adventure of Asterix and Obelix. This time the two are “in the Middle Kingdom”. Historically incorrect, poorly spoken and hardly illustrated. Compassion!

Engineer Wenpo Lee brought Volkswagen to China. Felix Lee, Jr. and journalist, tells this story in: “China, My Father and Me.” How a billion people were motorized. Hear Felix talk to me.

Finally, two poems about the island of Taiwan. Taken from the charming and comprehensive Taiwan anthology “Between Heaven and Sea”.

TC Boyle-Blue sky
Translated from the English by Dirk van Gunsteren
Hanser Verlag, 400 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-446-27689-5
Eberhard Falk review

David Graeber and David Wingro – Beginnings. A new history of mankind
Translated from the English by Henning Dedekind, Helmut Dierlamm, and Andreas Thomsen
Klett-Cotta Verlag, 672 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-608-98508-5
Reading tip from author Isabel Fargo Cole

Great read In the summer: 1 university – 1 book
The University of Mainz is reading the novel “Whalerider” by Witi Ihimaera

Translated from the English by Sabine Schulte
Rowohlt Verlag, 158 pages, €12
ISBN: 978-3-688-10933-3
Conversation with book scientist at the University of Mainz, Anke Vogel

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Olivier Guy and Fabrice Taryn – Asterix and Obelix in the Middle Kingdom
Film photo album
Translated from the French by Claus Joquin
Egmont Comic Collection, 48 pages, €14.50
ISBN 978-3-7704-0498-8
Short review of Katharina Borchardt

Felix Lee – China, My Father and Me
Ch. Links Verlag, 256 pages, 22 euros
ISBN 978-3-96289-169-5
Conversation with author Felix Lee

Thilo Diefenbach (Editor) – Between Sky and Sea. Anthologies of Taiwanese Literature
Iudiucium Verlag, 548 pages, €48
ISBN 978-3-86205-559-3
Read Johannes Wordmann

Olaf Sickman – Journey to New Zealand
Label: Wonderland Records

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