Today's best documentaries: "17,000 Kilometers in Canada" and "On the Train through New Zealand"

Today’s best documentaries: “17,000 Kilometers in Canada” and “On the Train through New Zealand”

Looking for documentary tips for Thursday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Today’s Travel Report: Here you’ll find an overview of really worthwhile TV shows. his job!

Today Thursday we picked three exciting documentaries Free TV On: From 5:00 pm, a travel report is shown on the programme, among other things. These are the must-watch documentaries of the day that you won’t want to miss.

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Travel report: “17,000 km in Canada” (5:00 pm on 3 Sat)

A two-part travel report by ZDF reporter Johannes Hanno shows just how diverse the world’s second-largest country is: Hano showcases this country’s far-flung places and cultural centers. He and his team travel across Canada for six weeks in the summer. It was “a unique experience, a chance to really get to know your country, an opportunity that won’t appear again anytime soon,” enthuses John Tory, the pilot who accompanied the team throughout.

This travel report is on 3 saturday It takes 45 minutes.

Travel Report: “By Train Through New Zealand” (8:15pm Arte Time)

The North Island is New Zealand’s volcanic heart with its gushing geysers, steamy lakes, and energetic fire mountains. The “Northern Explorer” is the only train that travels through this wilderness. Connecting Auckland to the capital Wellington – past volcanoes and primeval forests. To the north of Auckland lies Little Barrier Island, a volcanic island that was as authentic as New Zealand before human settlement. Endangered Species Ambassador Nicola Toki is looking here for Wetabonga, the world’s largest grasshopper. It is believed that only a few dozen remain in the wild.

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This travel report is on Good heart It takes 45 minutes.

Travel Report: “By Train Through New Zealand” (9:00 p.m. in Arte)

Fjords in the southwest, high mountains in the center of the country, deserted beaches on the west coast – New Zealand’s South Island is a natural paradise. Here the trains cover amazing routes from the Pacific Ocean to the Southern Alps. But the south is also an earthquake zone and the train doesn’t go everywhere. Along the eastern coast, the coastal Pacific Ocean passes through Lake Rotoiti. In the glacial lake, biologist Don Gilliman conducts research on New Zealand’s longfin eels.

This travel report on Aarti lasts 45 minutes.

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