RTL Show: Singer on "Let's Dance" out

RTL Show: Singer on “Let’s Dance” out

Cologne (Associated Press) — Pop musician Mike Singer has left RTL’s “Let’s Dance.” The 22-year-old got very few votes from the jury and the public in Cologne.

With his dance partner Christina Luft (32 years old), he performed a tango for Medusa and Hozier’s “Tell Her My Heart”. “Christina has not always been easy with me, because I am certainly not the easiest student,” said the musician. But he was grateful for the “unspeakable time” in the past few weeks.

Singer said he lost eight kilograms through hard training. Even during the Easter break last week, he couldn’t stop. “I just had to think about tango, it was so complicated.” Singer and Luft eventually received mixed reviews and 22 jury points for their performances. Juror Mutsy Mabus praised “I got the dance,” but criticized Singer’s sometimes precarious stance.

In the subsequent Discofox marathon, the pair missed the opportunity to get many bonus points. Singer and Luft were the first to be voted out by the jury, thus receiving only one point out of ten possible additional points. Combined with audience voting, that wasn’t enough to make it to the next show.

Track and field athlete Matthias Meester has been named this year’s Discofox King. The 35-year-old danced an extra ten points with his partner Renata Lusin (34). He placed this couple in second place in the jury standings, having previously had to be satisfied with 20 points in favor of Slowfox. Broadcaster Janine Ullmann (40) and Zolt Sandor Czeke (34), on the other hand, were happy again after their brisk stride: they were the only couple on that show to have done a 30-point dance. “You shone,” enthusiastic juror Jorge Gonzalez said. Above all, Joachim Lampe praised the medium’s agility.

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