This study suggests eating banana peels

This study suggests eating banana peels

What if banana peels could be recycled into a consumer product? According to a recent study, it is possible to partially replace wheat flour with banana peel flour in the preparation of pastries. However, it is important not to add too much.

Don’t throw away the banana peels

The trick is already known to avid readers of vegan cooking blogs, but this is not the case for ordinary mortals. though, Get rid of the banana peels Instead of reusing it means cutting out a component that could be a file True flavor origins Besides being very nutritious. In June 2022, a study was published in ACS Food Science and Technology And carried out by Indian agricultural engineering researchers, for example, banana peels can be bleached, dried, and ground into flour. Target? Use this same flour for Baking preparation.

As part of their work, the researchers prepared the cookies by partially replacing wheat flour with banana peel flour (FBP). Different tests were performed by varying the exact levels of FBP (7.5%, 10%, 12.5% ​​and 15%). After evaluation, it is shown that the cakes obtained higher in proteinAnd fiber, magnesium and potassium from the usual pastries. In addition, FBP contains several anti-cancer nutrients.

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A healthy and sustainable alternative

According to scientists, the benefits of banana peels go beyond nutritional and taste properties. In fact, FBP will make it possible to extend the shelf life of some products thanks to Antioxidant properties and antimicrobials. Thus, the famous cookies made while studying can be kept About three months at room temperature. However, this shelf life can be pretty much the same for any dough-based product (bread, cake, etc.).

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On the other hand, the researchers recommend not exceed 7.5% of banana peel flour in lotions. Indeed, according to them, exceeding this amount will cause the muffin to harden to an unacceptable level due to the large amount of dietary fiber.

Finally, you should know that banana peel represents Not less than 40% of the total weight fruit. Thus, if recycling represents a healthy alternative, it is also an interesting option in terms of sustainability, because it Reduces food waste.

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