A French student who is passionate about space will experience life on Mars!

A French student who is passionate about space will experience life on Mars!

A student with a passion for space has a funny project! He wants to test life on Mars! We tell you more in this article!

Corentin Senaux is a student of Isae-Supaero Toulouse and he had a funny project. He wants to spend a month at a station simulating life on Mars. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Life on Mars attracts young people

In light of inflation and difficulties who ruled in France recentlys, more and more people express a desire to leave the territory. During these holidays, for example, there was a high percentage of French people who traveled!

But Corentin Senaux, the student from Isae-Supaero Toulouse has a completely different project! Life on planet Earth is not exciting to him anymore! DecideHey, he wants to go to Mars.

yes! A second-year student at the Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space in Toulouse has expressed his desire to travel to space. but you areNo doubt for sure, it’s impossible.

That is why he is preparing to live four Weeks in the Utah desert in the United States. He will be with five other friends who have the same dream he’s having. So these students will goE inside a station that simulates life on Mars.

Student Clement told our colleagues from France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne about this. So he gave more details about his project which has a knack of being awesome! ” It’s a somewhat surprising project. It can be a little intimidating to say to yourself, “We’re going to simulate life on Mars.”

“While no one has been to the Red Planet. The project was created 9 years ago by students from Isae-Supaero who contacted an association in the United States that operates a research station in the middle of the Utah desert. »

A very ambitious student

One thing is for sure, student Clement Very ambitious and determined to achieve his dreame: “It’s the first life-simulated station. We’re going to leave with six students on a four-week mission at this station where we’re going to simulate life on Mars. That means we’re going to have to eat freeze-dried food, we’re going to go out in space suits, and we’re going to have to live confined to a small space.”

For four weeks, each student will have a role. Then he explained that there would therefore be an astronomer and an aeronautical engineer. but also a journalist, Botanist, scientist and leader. Clement said more:

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For my part, I will be the health and safety officer. I will take care of the sport every morning, and be responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew. »

Then the student explains His goal is to become an astronaut. “Yes, in part. Space fascinates me, which is why I am at this school and why I am involved in this mission. I just keep my feet on the ground, and I tell myself that in order to become an astronaut, you have to have a career that can justify it.”

So we wish him well. Because one thing is for sure, this The student will have a lot of work on Mars!

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