This is what the star of “For All Cases Stefanie” is doing today

This is what the star of “For All Cases Stefanie” is doing today

Yes, I wanted to get out of there. I had two young children that I rarely saw. My work day sometimes lasted 12-16 hours, so there was very little time for them. I had a chronic bad conscience. Also, as an actress, I didn’t always want to play the same role at the time. At the beginning of the series, I thought this would only last for a short while and then end. But that was not the case. However, I often have doubts about whether I always make the right decisions, but I can at least say that I spent time with my children and raised them.

Many years have passed now. Your children have long grown up. The lack of time is no longer the problem, but the role it plays?

yes! I really wish I could get more shows and be able to make good movies. My old drama teacher used to say to me, “Ten percent is talent, the rest is work and luck.” In fact, luck is what you need in this job. I’m totally an actress and I really miss being in front of the camera. But I’m also in the process of accepting it if no requests come in. Why do I suffer? This means nothing to my life. I still don’t give up hope. Sometimes my inner voice tells me I’ll be back again as a grandmother.

Catherine Waligora celebrates her 60th birthday on July 29. (Source: private)

What roles do you want to play?

Keywords are getting bigger: on July 29 you will be 60 years old. How does that make you feel?

I’ll break the sound barrier there. Age is a problem for me. I have a problem with aging. I often think everyone else is perfectly fine with the topic and I only have a problem with it. But this is nonsense. I think a lot of people feel that aging is not that easy for them. It is a process and my desire to accept what is there. Also with the aging of the body. But this is not something that is served to me on a plate, I have to work on myself for it.

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