This is how the "Indiana Jones" sign landed in Middle-earth ·

This is how the “Indiana Jones” sign landed in Middle-earth ·

At first glance, the “Lord of the Rings” films have nothing to do with the movie “Indiana Jones.” However, there is a small reference to Indy in Part 3.

At the same time the”Lord of the rings“The films are already almost 20 years old. Despite the long time and many detailed visualizations, not all tales about the legendary filming of the films are told. Then comes the podcast”friendship onion” From Billy Boyd (Beiben) and Dominic Monaghan (Mary), who gives an insight into film production, is just right.

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In the second episodeSpread butter on sunburn(Min. 43:00) Boyd stated that he concealed a small reference to the first Indiana Jones movie in The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King. Specifically, it relates to the scene at the beginning of the film where Pippen tries to steal the Palantir from the arms of Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen). So that the magician does not notice the theft, Pepin replaces the ball with a vase of the same size.

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Similarities to the iconic opening sequence of “lost treasure hunterMost “Lord of the Rings” fans should have noticed a long time ago. But that the reference was deliberately included, at least by Billy Boyd, is particularly exciting:

I gave a little nod to Harrison Ford. In Raiders of the Lost Treasure he takes the golden statue and puts a sandbag there. When I took the vase, I said to Pete (pseudonym of director Peter Jackson, editor’s note): “Wouldn’t it be great if I took the vase and took the vase and put The vase over there? Where did Gandalf keep it?”

In the first episode of “The Friendship Onion”, the two actors exchanged funny moments from the set of the “Lord of the Rings” films. For example, the scene in the extended version of “The Two Towers” where Meri and Pepin compete for their height in the Fangorn Forest is automatically generated. In addition to thrillers, the two also welcome guests to their podcasts, such as Frodo actor Elijah Wood, and allow fans to put their knowledge to the test in the “Lord of the Rings” quiz.

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