Love Storm: Dramatic scenes at the Fürstenhof and skydiving with consequences

Love Storm: Dramatic scenes at the Fürstenhof and skydiving with consequences

In the current episode of ARD TV, “Love Storm,” it’s going to be exciting. Dramatic scenes occur in the Fürstenhof and the lies have short legs.

Munich – On the current episode of Telenovela “love stormIt’s going to be really exciting again on Friday!

Dramatic Images: Maja (Christina Arends) manages to grab attention by simulating a fainting attack. © ARD / Christoph Arnold

With a faint fainting spell at the Fürstenhof, Maja (performed by Christina Arends) manages to attract the attention of Inspector Siggi Meyser (Christoph Krix), his help, Vanessa (Janine Gaspar) and thus her father Cornelius (Christoph Mori) to create the time needed to escape to Florian’s (Arne Löber) hunting lodge ).

Together with Selena (Katya Rosen) he wants to hide. Problem: Selena realizes she doesn’t want to spend her life on the run. She has no choice and reveals her fears. After that, Cornelius saw only one way out.

Meanwhile, Max (Stefan Hartmann) has a chance to do a parachute jump for free, but can’t spontaneously take a vacation. The solution? Sick note! So in the morning he pretends that he is not feeling well and asks Vanessa to inform Werner (Dirk Galuba) about this.

Love Storm: Love Storm: What happened to Maja?
love storm
Love Storm: What Happened to Maja?

The fact that short-legged lying becomes clear again at the very moment when Max himself can no longer fall to the ground with these people – because he parachutes into a tree and gets stuck. Suddenly, Werner, who was outside with a Nordic walking group, stood up Also Right in front of his nose.

Penny (Florian Burgkart) faces very different “problems” when planning his trip. In the end, you should go to New Zealand via Rome. He wants to move to the airport there – and all to save as much money as possible.

Leah (Deborah Muller) is not convinced by the idea and tells Alphonse (Sepp Schauer) about her concerns. He wants help and spontaneously takes a vacation to drive Benny to the Italian capital on his beloved motorcycle.

Leah doesn’t find this really comfortable either…

It is worth switching! During the week, the “Love Storm” always runs Monday through Friday from 3:10 pm at Das Erste.

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