This feature from the FF7 Rebirth demo is amazing, it lets you do crazy things

This feature from the FF7 Rebirth demo is amazing, it lets you do crazy things

Game news This feature from the FF7 Rebirth demo is amazing, it lets you do crazy things

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The next big PS5 exclusive is none other than Square Enix's futuristic video game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. While waiting for its official release, players are having a lot of fun with a feature in the demo.

Cloud on keyboard

Named the Most Anticipated Game of 2024 at the 2023 Game Awards, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the big releases to kick off the year. Aware of the expectations it generated, Sony curated a state of play that was entirely dedicated to it. In addition to showcasing long minutes of gameplay from the popular JRPG, the event served as an opportunity to announce a demo of the game – accessible at the time of writing – on the PlayStation 5 Store. The latter allowed fans to discover the program for themselves, and discover some of the successful features.

The thing that is causing the rage on social networks at the moment is the possibility of playing melodies on the piano. By visiting Tifa's room in Nibelheim, Cloud can slide his soldier's fingers over the white and black keys of the keyboard in order to play a minigame, a game of beating Tifa to music. The good news is that it's also possible to improvise whatever you want by combining the right keys for the DualSense. Online, most music-loving gamers enjoy recreating well-known themes from various games and old Final Fantasy games.

Many videos are circulating on the Internet of players who enjoy remaking more or less famous tunes from different backgrounds. “I downloaded the demo just for thatlaughs the X/Twitter user here. It is known that when we give the most passionate people the opportunity to create things in a game, they often do amazing things.

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Seaforth, it smells good…

There is not much time left to wait before discovering the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga, thus finding Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII and, of course, Sephiroth. In fact, Square Enix's software is scheduled to launch on February 29th exclusively on PS5. However, unlike what we saw with Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth should arrive on PC more quickly than its predecessor.

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