Pokémon Go players are tired of these pointless challenges

Pokémon Go players are tired of these pointless challenges

Gaston Cooney

Pokémon Go players are tired of PokéStop clearing missions, and many are wondering why Niantic added them in the first place.

Since its launch, Pokémon Go has had its fair share of questionable features, with many fans criticizing things like Routes, PokéStop Events, Party Play, and more. Naturally, some features take some time to get used to, and many end up enjoying the new bonuses or rewards they can get by participating in them.

However, there is one feature that remains as controversial as it was when it was first implemented in the game – PokéStop scans. Basically, by completing Field Research missions, you'll be asked to scan a PokéStop or Arena, which means you need to pick up your phone and photograph the landmark or feature that the PokéStop is highlighting. Of course, this may be very uncomfortable for some players.

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Pokémon Go players are tired of the scanning challenges at PokéStop

“Scanning PokéStops – who would have thought this was a good idea?”asked one player on Pokémon Go Reddit.

He went on to explain his frustrations, explaining how “You have to shoot while moving for about 20 seconds.” And “The local stops are exclusively like a kindergarten. I won't photograph the neighborhood children's parks, especially as a grown man. Whoever thinks this is a good thing should be fired.

Many PokéStops are located in places that aren't exactly convenient for photography, such as a children's park, school, church, or even a cemetery – so it's understandable that players might not want to take out their camera.

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Other fans joined in the comments to express their frustration: “Okay. Okay. Okay. I absolutely hate these screening quests. They force us to miss the actual research quests that are necessary for the events. Finding a PokéStop with actual research quests is almost impossible where I live.”proving how annoying checks are for rural players.

Fortunately, one user shared a basic tip for getting rid of these pesky stains: “Just keep one at the top of your research and you'll stop receiving it. It's boring, you'll always have one there but you'll still be able to rack up 3 other real research quests.

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