An unlucky Palworld player has acquired the most useless friend in the game

An unlucky Palworld player has acquired the most useless friend in the game

Gaston Cooney

One Palworld player managed to raise Penking who perfectly embodies the energy of a “middle manager”, sparking sympathy from other fans through humor.

Palworld isn't just about picking up friends. Players can get their hands on each friend by hatching them from eggs they find, as well as mating them with other friends. Breeding Buddies is unlocked once players have built a breeding farm on their base.

Raising Pals is how players can unlock Fusion Pals, which are unique types of friends whose appearance is a combination of their parents. This also sometimes results in friends getting really powerful stats.

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However, cultivation does not always guarantee the best results, as one unlucky player recently discovered.

He shared a screenshot of his Penking game, which he described as “useless”, referencing his passive skills “Do nothing at all.”

After analyzing the statistics, Pinking confirmed that… “Gains a total bonus of 0% to attack and 0% to action speed.”

“Rename it middle management.” One user jokingly responded, receiving widespread approval from other participants in the thread.

Another user suggested that the author only has two options on what to do with his pal “Useless”. “Mr. Middle Manager can either go to the condenser for the greater good or have a meeting with the hatchet.”

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Dark humor aside, this is practical advice for a game where you can cook and eat friends and enslave people.

However, as of this writing, Banking's fate remains unknown.

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