This rare toy has probably been sitting in your possessions since the 1980s – it's worth a small fortune

This rare toy has probably been sitting in your possessions since the 1980s – it's worth a small fortune

It's time to go up to the attic, go down to the basement or open all the safes: you may have a rare video game at home that can be sold for a good amount of money.

Honestly, wouldn't this be an opportunity to start thinking about spring cleaning in advance? If you are setting out to clean your home from floor to ceiling, Keep your eyes peeled when sorting through your belongings And throw everything in the trash: You may have an old video game that generates a lot of money!

In fact, with 200 copies only Sold all over the world, this video game played on the legendary NES console, which you probably bought at the time for yourself or for your today-grown children who left their things at home, is worth a lot thanks to its rarity. The proof: A few years ago, Joe Schmo, a video game enthusiast, resold a game his mother had bought at a thrift store for several thousand euros. The product in question is so rare that online buyers did not hesitate to bid huge sums at the auction to get the precious sesame into their hands.

This video game, on paper, doesn't have anything unusual as it is a sports game played on the NES console. The game in question? his name Stadium events It was released in 1986. It was distributed at that time under the Bandai license before it was released Quickly removed from sale After its acquisition by Nintendo. It is now known as Global track meet. Sold on Ebay at auction, Joe Shmoe raised a very impressive €36,000! Since then, it has not been the video game that sold for the most at auction…

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With his red hat and M symbol, Mario brothers It remains the best-selling game in the world: and a huge source of income, as evidenced by the spin-off film Super Mario Bros. film Which generated $1.3 billion last year. This endearing and public aspect has become evident since the game was announced during a special auction organized by American Heritage Auctions. Super Mario Bros. 3 It has since become the most expensive toy sold in the world at auction for €131,500.

“Super Mario Bros. 3 becomes the most expensive game in history! A sealed First Edition NES cartridge sold for more than 131,500 euros in the USA”, We can read on Twitter.

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