There is no objection to leaving the country to Ibrahim Ghali

There is no objection to leaving the country to Ibrahim Ghali

The Spanish national session, Tuesday, refused to take restrictive and preventive measures to prevent the leader of the Polisario, Ibrahim Ghali, from leaving the country. The latter, who has been hospitalized in Spain since last April, is under trial for acts of kidnapping, torture and crimes against humanity.

The investigating judge was able to confirm that the person who entered Spain with a false identity was indeed Ibrahim Ghali, According to the Europa Press. After a warning from the Sahrawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADEH) confirming that Ghali was indeed Mohamed Ben Battoush, on May 11th, Santiago Pedras ordered his identification and summoned.

A police report confirms that, “despite his health, Ibrahim Ghali undoubtedly understood the contents of the summons in Spanish.” The procedure should govern if the front leader has committed the offenses of illegal entry, fraudulent identity, and falsification of official documents.

Citing the police report, Europa Press also revealed that Ghali refused to sign the new summons receipt, saying it takes several days to consult people he trusts. He also requested that a copy be handed over to the Algerian doctor who had accompanied him since his admission to the hospital in Logroño.

And as a reminder, on April 22, echoes Seized the Spanish courts Until you hear Brahim Ghali is bedridden in San Pedro de Logroño Hospital. The SADR NGO has already filed a complaint against the head of the Polisario Front, in 2008, for crimes against humanity, kidnappings and torture.

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Investigating Judge Santiago Pedraz planned to hear Ibrahim Ghali, on 1 June, in the context of hearing the complaint of Sahrawi dissident Fadel Barika. The latter says that he was kidnapped, kidnapped and tortured between June and November 2019, after he was found guilty on social media of corruption among Polisario leaders. Thirteen Sahrawi and Spanish civil society organizations have called on the courts to prevent Brahim Ghali from leaving Spain.

Last WednesdayThe lawyer for Sahrawi journalist Fadel Barika, who was kidnapped and tortured by members of the Polisario Front in the Tindouf camps, asked the Spanish National Court judge, Santiago Pedraz, to ensure that Ibrahim Ghali signed his summons on June 1. It called for the necessary measures to be taken to ensure that the hearing takes place on the first of June.

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