“Rediscover your morning coffee while watching the city wake up”

In Mucem in Marseille, “It feels good to see this fizz.”

Seven months were concluded and five exhibitions were held, but they have not yet seen visitors. In the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (Mucem) in Marseille, Director General Cecil Dumoulin began to find “The long time and the situation are two opposites.”. This Wednesday morning, at ten in the morning, I was at the entrance to the museum facing the sea.

Children and families were waiting for their turn. “It feels good to see this fizz. It appreciates. Museum agents remained on deck throughout the confinement period, and we made classroom interventions, digital, but these are derivations that do not correspond to our main activities. “ In exhibition rooms, scales that have been lowered due to sanitary restrictions are still elusive.

Cecil Dumoulin, Head of Audience at Mucem in Marseille, May 19. France Keizer on “the world”

“People rushed to the balcony, to the shops. For us, the urgency, obviously, was to come to Mucem,” Cheerful, behind her mask, Ann Pinolle, a retired museum friend. “It’s the calling of lifeHer friend Christine Savino adds. The workers kept their jobs, but for us retirees it was a great leisure time. ” Both come from The Jeff Koons Gallery, where works from the Pinault Collection are located alongside pieces from the museum’s permanent reserves. “As always with Koons, we both love and hate.”Laughs Ann Pinol, seduced by a very successful scenography, of places.

Chantal Hong, 20, and Lisa Leoncini, 19, are also pleased. When they reach Mucem for the opening, they plan to have lunch on the veranda at noon. “We will enjoy the sun. Life will resume, but we don’t know for how long” they left.

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Written by journalist Jill Rove

In Mucem in Marseille on May 19. The museum reopens its doors with an exhibition by Jeff Koons. France Keizer on “the world”

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