The railway company apologizes to the non-bilateral passengers after announcing the train

The railway company apologizes to the non-bilateral passengers after announcing the train

The London North Eastern Railway train company in the UK has been chosen to send a non-exhaustive message during the journey. – Marcin Nowak / Shutterstock / Ciba

From France, rather than lagging behind on the issue of inclusivity compared to its Anglo-Saxon neighbor, the situation may be surprising. On May 11, the English train company London North Eastern Railway apologized Twitter Because of a message
Excl Broadcast during the flight.

It all started with a “ladies and gentlemen” welcome (ladies and gentlemenIt is broadcast on a train by conductor and is directed to the passengers who get on board. Among them, Lawrence Coles, a train dealer, is an actor
LGBTQ + National Federation of Railway, Freight and Transport Workers. Lawrence Coles is too
Non-binary. Influenced by these words, she subsequently wrote on Twitter: “Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls …. As a non-binary person, this advertisement does not apply to me, so I will not listen to it.”

“Train drivers shouldn’t use language like this.”

The train company is well known for its overall LGBTQ + effort, particularly with the creation of the first company UK pride trainShe responded quickly. “I’m so sorry to see this, Lawrence, our train drivers shouldn’t use such language, and I thank you for bringing it to our attention,” the company tweeted, adding that it would make sure to “remain as inclusive as we strive to be at LNER.”

In contact with the British press, LNER said that the train driver will not be subject to any disciplinary action, but that employees must now place advertisements “without mentioning gender”. The company is far from the first to abandon Express in the UK. The London Underground has removed it since 2017.

“Can we stop this nonsense?”

Not only did the event elicit positive reactions. Mark Jenkinson, the Conservative Representative for Workington, felt it was “not logical” to apologize for such a message, before proceeding: “Decide what you want, but can we stop this nonsense?”

In the UK, LGBTQ + activists struggle to make phrases like “ladies and gentlemen” except for people who are not known to be male or female disappear.

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