There is an iFixit disassembly, bad news about repairability -

There is an iFixit disassembly, bad news about repairability –

An apple Cause a big stir with his Canvas from 25 euros For cleaning screens and also a known dangerous warhead such as iFixit He decided to joke about it by performing one of his classics tearing down Even on this precious piece of cloth, noting some bad news regarding its repairability.

As we’ve seen, with the launch of recent Macs, Apple sells a $25 screen cleaning cloth. Despite the fact that it is somewhat funny, the cloth in question sells like hot cakes, to the point that it was sold out a few hours after its release in the Apple Store, fueling the myth.

He put his iFixit in it, which made a file precise shredding Even the cloth, at the end of the boring Review of the new MacBook Pro.

Quickly scrolling to the bottom of Computer Deconstruction, we get to the most interesting part: In the “Something Else” section, just to stay on the topic of historical references, the site has conducted a technical disassembly of Canvas.

It turns out that these are actually two pieces of fabric stuck together (so know that buying is practically double) and that the material used feels like Alcantara to the touch. The problem is that he gets handsome 0 your 10 In terms of repairability, because it cannot be reassembled after being disassembled.

Seriously, the MacBook Pro analysis is also very interesting and reveals a file very low score In terms of repairability even for a computer with a 4 out of 10, because despite the progress (removable battery, as well as many other monitor components and various hardware), disassembly remains a very complicated and memory process, despite worrying SSD archive, It cannot be replaced.

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