Age of Empires IV on Xbox: Console version under review!  |  Xbox One

Age of Empires IV on Xbox: Console version under review! | Xbox One

product Age of Empires IV Stood this week! Microsoft’s new strategy game has arrived on PC and Xbox Game Pass PC and quickly took its place Top seller on Steam. The good news is that the console version of the game is not left out.

Age of Empires on Xbox console? Think about it!

We asked many of you on social media if Age of Empires IV It will be released on the Xbox console. So far, the answer, unfortunately, has been negative because nothing has prepared us for this possibility. But that was until today.

In an interview with our Italian colleagues at home multiple itIn fact, the developers at Relic Entertainment left the door open for the console version of Age of Empires IV. When asked if Age of Empires will be available on console, Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at World’s Edge, explained that it might be possible.

We are thinking of you. Once we are done with starting the game on PC, we will start thinking about how to make it work on consoles. We don’t have any final plans yet, but now we’re going to start really thinking about it.

Nothing can be taken for granted, but the fact that he’s clearly mentioned is already good news for Xbox players on console. We can thus make a comparison with Microsoft Flight Simulator Which took a year to come up with consoles with improved console controls.

Although it is possible to play Xbox keyboard and mouse With over 80 compatible games, Age of Empires IV will need to be optimized for the console if it wants to reach a large audience. In the meantime, the game remains available on Windows PC, Steam as well Xbox Game Pass PC.

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