Communications, GPS, electrical systems... We tell you all about the geomagnetic storm hitting Earth this weekend

Communications, GPS, electrical systems… We tell you all about the geomagnetic storm hitting Earth this weekend

Thursday’s solar flare caused a powerful geomagnetic storm that is set to reach Earth this weekend, according to NASA.

The US space agency launched a Warning in anticipation of a major geomagnetic storm.

A solar flare detected by NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Center on Thursday, Oct. 28, triggered a coronal mass eruption of the sun. This geomagnetic storm, classified as G3 on a scale from G1 to G5, blasted off from our star at a speed of 973 km/h.

The CME associated with Thursday’s solar flare is expected to reach Earth tomorrow. G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch is in effect for Saturday and Sunday, and may push auroras over the Northeast, into the upper Midwest, into Washington State. Check for updates.

– NOAA Space Weather (NWSSWPC) October 29 2021

Solar flares cause strong radiation. Although harmful radiation from a volcanic eruption cannot travel through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on Earth when it is severe enough, it can disrupt the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communication signals are transmitted.

electrical consequences

Thus, the phenomenon that is expected to affect the planet on October 30 and 31 may have different consequences. Voltage problems can occur in electrical systems, while some electronic protection systems can generate false alarms. Satellite navigation can also be affected and experience intermittent outages.

Another possible consequence, this less problematic, is that the aurora borealis can occur at latitudes close to 50 degrees.

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