The trailer for the game was revealed with the release year on Nintendo Direct -

The trailer for the game was revealed with the release year on Nintendo Direct –

The Nintendo Direct Tonight allowed us to watch multiple games in action. One of these was Bayonetta 3PlatinumGames, the highly anticipated action game that “disappeared from the radar” long ago. The game will be available at 2022.

The trailer starts with some soldiers fighting and crushing a giant monster. However, the situation was resolved with the arrival of the charming hero of the game Bayonetta 3. The warrior returns with a slightly different appearance than in the past: this time she will have long braids. The Trailer gameplay It shows us some very lively battles in third person, based on combos, special powers, and cooldowns (after perfect dodge, of course). The protagonist will also be able to control large creatures to fight on equal terms with the most massive monsters in the game. Of course it’s all very epic.

Bayonetta 3 has finally shown itself, after many years. was the game Announced in 2017 But it has remained in radio silence to this day. The offer shown is the first Platinum Games promotion. Historical fans of the saga may not have really needed to confirm the type of gameplay, but they did need reassurance about the authenticity of the game. Now, we know it’s coming next year – let’s just hope there won’t be any delays. Also, we hope we can know a more accurate release date soon. There’s nothing left to do but wait for new connections from Nintendo or Platinum Games.

Tell us, what do you think about this New offer from Bayonetta 3? Does it sound exactly what you were hoping for?

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