Alessandro Otera makes a statement to Carlotta

There is still talk of Alessandro Otera, the former competitor of Temptation Island. However, the man, who became famous for his participation in the reality show, this time did not stir up controversy for some digs or social controversies, but he hit people on the Internet for their sweet devotion to his girlfriend Carlotta.

Alessandro Oterra She made herself known ever since general to share in temptation island The program he participated in this summer with his partner jessica machironi, who complained about him carelessness.

in a villageIs Moros Relais The man appeared a lot taken from him The physical aspect and from it power supply, Completely forgetting the reason for his appearance on a reality show. When he starts seeing his partner getting close to one davidHowever, there is something in it bog down He allowed himself to go with him Carlotta, which so far he has Beautiful story.

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do both argue a lot Because many have attacked, accuse them of their Date It wasn’t true but it was building just for things Vision. Despite some ups and downs, today the couple is a lot knit And in fact, in these hours on social media, Alessandro and Carlotta posted a file Giving video together.

Alessandro Otera: Happy with Carlotta

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before a while Alessandro Otera and Carlota Adacher announced it social to have closed And between them there was no shortage accuse and the fossils. Today, however, the two seem to have found one Happiness In fact, they have recently appeared very close to them features of each of them; In these hours, Alessandro also posted a file Giving Video In which he appeared in the car with his partner.

“Laughs In two parts it looks like sleep… It’s unbelievable intimate”

. books romano personal trainer, In the video he shoots next to Model with the song “I love you” by Umberto Tozzi as wallpaper. In short, the two work Really seriously And at least for now, there doesn’t seem to be any clouds above it Relationship!

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