Throwing Christmas presents in Fortnite, Season 8 Challenge - Breakflip

Throwing Christmas presents in Fortnite, Season 8 Challenge – Breakflip

New challenges available in Fortnite, marking the 4th anniversary of the game! Someone asks to throw Christmas presents, we explain how to do it.

4 years It is an electronic game It is getting closer, and it will be possible to celebrate it in the game from September 24 to 28, 2021. For the occasion, new items will be added to the game, such as birthday cakes or even gifts. But that’s not all, because like every year, it will also be possible to complete challenges to get free rewards!

One of this year’s challenges calls for ” Throwing Christmas gifts We explain where to find them and how to unlock these Christmas gifts in Fortnite to validate the mission.

How do you throw Christmas presents in Fortnite?

To unlock birthday gifts in Fortnite, you have to start with it find some ! These gifts are items that can be found throughout the game, like the usual items: In boxes or on the floor. nothing There is no exact location, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Once you have a birthday gift in your inventory, you’ll just have to Turn it on to use it, check the correctness of the task. By throwing this gift, it will then land where you threw it, and you can put it in because it will be a very large size. You will then find an item there, which may be very rare.

Apart from the challenges, throwing these Christmas gifts can provide a certain advantage during the game.

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