The Tokyo Stock Exchange is sinking.  New Zealand raises interest rates again

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is sinking. New Zealand raises interest rates again

(Teleborsa) – Black day for Tokyowhich is down 1.58% after being closed yesterday due to holidays. On the macroeconomic front, the indicator PMI Manufacturing It continued to rise in November, reaching its highest level since January 2018.

Along the same lines, a little further down Shenzhen, which continues today below the level, while Shanghai is slightly positive (+0.10%). Fractional Profits for Hong Kong (+0.49%); without direction Single (-0.1%). just above average Mumbai (+ 0.41%); Slightly less than equal Sydney (-0.21%).

Central Bank of New Zealand raised interest rates For the second time in two months, driven by rising inflationary pressure, and with the easing of coronavirus restrictions, it has supported the country’s economic activity. However, investors were expecting a larger rate hike. The next Asian Central Bank to decide is Bank of Korea (BOK)Which holds its political meeting on Thursday.

Lazy day for the euro against the Japanese currency, which fell 0.22%. The euro is flat against the Chinese currency, which is trading at a modest -0.09%. The euro was substantially unchanged against the Hong Kong dollar, which was trading at a meager -0.05%.

Japanese 10-year bonds have a yield of 0.08%, while Chinese 10-year government bonds have a yield of 2.91%.

between Macroeconomic quantities The most important Asian markets:

Wednesday 24/11/2021
02:30 Japan: Manufacturing PMI (before 53.2 points).

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