Antarctic penguins are found in New Zealand, 3,000 km from their home

Antarctic penguins are found in New Zealand, 3,000 km from their home


Rome, November 12, 2021 – Antarctic penguin Passes through 3,000 km of frozen water to find himself on the southeast coast of New Zealand. The journey is too long due to the threats to the birds due to water heating, Increasing competition for food supplies and changing habitats.

So the penguin, referred to by locals as ‘Pingu’, was spotted a little bewildering at Birdling Flat, a small settlement on New Zealand’s South Island. It is the third case of a adele penguin, originally from Antarctica, and reached New Zealand.

After noticing that the penguin had not entered the water, locals called on expert Thomas Strack, from Christchurch to rehabilitate the penguin. Stracke said that when he arrived with a vet, he was shocked to find an Adélie penguin. “Besides feeling a little hungry and very dehydrated, actually It wasn’t that bad “We gave him some fluids and fish juice,” said Strack. Released in the Gulf On the Banks Peninsula, in the hope that he can return “to his homeland”.

“I’d rather get on a Hercules plane, an Air Force plane,” said Strack, but the Department of Conservation told him the idea wasn’t feasible. expert He also noted that rising waters mean that birds are struggling to find food. “When the water temperature rises, the fish usually go to the cooler water. Struck explained that there were no fish around.

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