The surgeon is suspicious of allowing her 13-year-old daughter to participate in the operation

The surgeon is suspicious of allowing her 13-year-old daughter to participate in the operation

The story is so confusing that it seems hard to believe. However, the alleged facts led to the neurosurgeon and his colleague being marginalized from the university hospital Graz (Austria).

According to what was reported by the media Klein ZeitungAnonymous information attracted the attention of the prosecution. According to information, one of the institution’s surgeons took her 13-year-old daughter to the operating room at the beginning of the year, and even allowed her to participate in the operation. However, only faculty, trainees and medical students are admitted to the operating room.

“Serious assault and battery”

Some staff are also being targeted because they were present in the operating room and allegedly allowed this to happen.

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The Graz Public Prosecutor's Office must now conduct the investigation to establish and characterize the facts: “If the charges are confirmed, it will be a misdemeanor count of serious bodily injury,” he added.The prosecutor confirms.

All those involved to varying degrees will be heard soon. The hospital is keen to cooperate with the authorities and provide all necessary elements.

A statement changes the investigation

What may be surprising is that this issue broke out so late. But the anonymously submitted items were disclosed in April, and management then took the time to conduct interviews.

One of the statements, which did not agree with the others, was what prompted officials to marginalize the surgeon and one of her collaborators on May 29. The hospital confirms that it has not known of any other incident of this kind, and that the operation in question took place without any complications.

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In 2017, it was the British surgeon who made headlines. In fact, Simon Bramhall carved his initials into the livers of at least two patients under anesthesia. He used a laser, which is used to prevent bleeding, and the initials were eventually discovered during a follow-up.

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