Confusion in Rome after new statements by the Pope regarding homosexuals

Confusion in Rome after new statements by the Pope regarding homosexuals

In the auditorium of the Pontifical Salesian University, the two hundred priests present were surprised. During a meeting with some Romanian clergy, Pope Francis repeated his statements regarding homosexuals in seminaries on Tuesday, June 11, using the term that sparked a scandal after he pronounced it before the Italian bishops on May 20.

“In the Vatican, there is a gay atmosphere.”As Pope Francis said, according to the Italian ANSA agency. Comments have been confirmed in Cross By the people in the room. According to our information, it was Pope Francis himself who uttered this word in Italian. “Frosyagini”, without being specifically questioned about it. During this closed meeting, he was actually responding to a priest who asked him about the vocations crisis.

“When he said that word, everyone jumped a little, saying to themselves: 'That's it, here we go again.'”“, explains one of the witnesses present in the room. On May 20, before the Italian bishops met in plenary session behind closed doors, Pope Francis confirmed that there would be a very large number of people. “Facilities” In Italian theological institutes. The word was revealed a week later by La RepubblicaIt caused a global scandal that prompted the Pope to apologize. “Pope Francis never intended to offend anyone or use homophobic terms.”The Vatican said in a press release.

Romanian colloquialism

In the official report of the meeting on Tuesday, June 11, the Vatican soberly mentions the fact that the Pope has returned to… “Admission of persons with homosexual tendencies into seminaries”. He stressed the necessity of receiving them and accompanying them in the church and the wise indication from the department to the clergy regarding their entry into the seminary.we can read in the official press release.

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It is an exaggeration to say that word repetition “Frosyagini”, straight from the Roman vernacular, bewilders the Eternal City, both in the Vatican and in the diocese itself. Starting with those close to Francis, who advocated for A “Error in vocabulary” Committed due to incomplete command of the Italian language. In recent days, some of them, according to our information, explained to the Pope, during interviews at St. Martha, the importance of this word.

“People roll their eyes and keep moving forward.”“, explains a member of the curia. “We were no longer commenting, we were just looking at each other and wondering what else he had done.”A priest from the Diocese of Rome responded, not hiding his bitterness. He continues: “We're a little sorry about all that…” Another responds, clearly disarmed: “It seems strange to me that he used that word again without being asked. He wanted to say it again, but why? »

Difficult relations with the Roman clergy

In front of 200 Roman priests, the Pope reiterated his opposition to the entry of gay candidates into seminaries, according to Vatican rules. But his small punishment did not spark any visible protest movement. “No one got up to leave“, says one of the participants. Finally, the priests lined up as usual to greet him, one by one. »

Since the beginning of the papacy, the relationship between the Roman clergy and their bishop, Francis, has developed significantly. He was welcomed enthusiastically in 2013, and over the years he has been criticized for neglecting his priests and not visiting parishioners of the Eternal City, as his predecessors used to do. To address this feeling, which he is aware of, the Pope intensified his visits to Romanian dioceses over the past year, to meet with his clergy. But it seems that this is not enough.

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Bad mood

Thus, out of 500 priests invited, only 200 responded to the Pope's invitation on Tuesday, June 11. “The time is not right, many are running summer camps.”justifies a priest, citing the existence of structures in Roman dioceses to accommodate Italian children and teenagers, on vacation since June 7.

In recent months, some members of the Roman clergy have shown their bad mood towards the Pope, for example by refusing to mobilize the faithful in their parishes for the great ecumenical prayer organized by the Taizé community in October 2023, on the occasion of the feast of Saint John. Pier Square. In March 2023, a meeting of Roman priests, organized behind closed doors, led to direct complaints from the clergy against the Pope, who was not present.

Pope Francis removed Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, vicar of Rome since 2017, from his duties on April 6, leaving it to the deputy regent, Archbishop Baldassare Reina, to manage current affairs, pending the appointment of a new vicar. It is expected to come before the start of the 2025 Jubilee, which begins on December 24.

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