Hamas urges the United States to “pressure” Israel for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

Hamas urges the United States to “pressure” Israel for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

A ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza stops in Brest

The Gaza-bound NGO ship, carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza, stopped in Brest on Wednesday on its journey to the Palestinian enclave. “We want to challenge and break the illegal blockade of Gaza. We have other boats that will join us in the Mediterranean, and together, as a small flotilla, we will head towards Gaza.”Felipe Lopez, the NGO's media coordinator, explained.

Baptized HanzalaThis former fishing boat, named after a symbolic figure of Palestine, which is about twenty meters long and flying the Norwegian flag, will have to join three other ships carrying humanitarian aid, stuck in Turkey since April, after Guinea-Bissau withdrew its flag.

The organizers of this “Freedom Flotilla” Gaza was denounced “Israeli pressure” Which leads to this decision. the Hanzala It transports clothes, medicines and food, as well as dozens of crew members from seven nationalities, according to the same source. His arrival in Brest was greeted by a handful of activists from the CGT and the Franco-Palestinian Association waving Palestinian flags.

The ship, which left Norway at the beginning of last May, stopped in Malmo (Sweden) during the Eurovision competition, before stopping in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. After stopping in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), the ship must stop in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta before heading to Gaza in August.

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