Sharks and electric boats… good Uncle Donald stories

Sharks and electric boats… good Uncle Donald stories

But what was the fly that bit Donald Trump during his meeting in Las Vegas on Sunday in Sunset Park? In front of several thousand supporters committed to his cause, the White House candidate launched into a speech that mixed electric boats and sharks.

Donald Trump left his closest observers baffled as he began his astonishing speech after complaining that his teleprompter was faulty. Maybe the heat. Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees for about ten days in the area.

Uncle Donald stories

Beyond his initial speech, the former president initially criticized the Biden administration for ordering boat manufacturers to adopt electric batteries for environmental reasons. Then, Donald Trump went into a “spin.” In front of a supportive audience, he recounted an encounter with a boat manufacturer in South Carolina.

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According to Donald Trump, this man told him, “It's a problem.” “They want us to make fully electric boats. The problem is that the boat is so heavy that it can't float. Plus, it can't move quickly because of its weight.”

Electric shock or shark bite?

Then Donald Trump asked: What would happen if the boat sank under its own weight? You have to follow carefully because this is where the sharks come into play. “You're in the boat, you've got a very powerful battery, and now it's underwater and there's a shark about ten meters away.” At that point, the former president struck a skeptical tone and questioned shark attacks that have been on the rise recently.

Then he returned to his initial discussion. “So I said: There is a shark ten meters from the boat, ten meters or here, will I get electrocuted if the boat sinks? Do I stay on the boat and get electrocuted, or do I jump over the shark and not get electrocuted? (… “You know what I will do if there is a shark or if I get electrocuted. I will choose electrocution every time. I will not approach the shark, so we will put an end to this situation,” he said, referring to his desire to reverse the Biden administration’s decision that ordered boat manufacturers to adopt batteries. electrical.

Chain reactions on networks

After this unforgettable outing, many American figures responded and mocked the former president. Novelist Stephen King said it was like “listening to your senile uncle at the dinner table after his third drink.” NBC's Late Show host Seth Meyers also compared Donald Trump's proposal to a problem found in a textbook (“Math For Dummies by Dummies”).

On the electronic side, many Internet users took the opportunity to mock the former president. Artists had fun using generative artificial intelligence to portray Donald Trump. Others mocked the candidate's fascination with sharks. In 2013, he posted several tweets on this topic.

Stormy Daniels also recounted Republicans' fascination with Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week show. She said she went to meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles in July 2007, but he was so engrossed in a documentary that he didn't notice her arrival.

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