Olimpiadi: numeri e curiosità

The Olympic Games: Numbers and Curiosities – Women’s Sport

Tokyo Olympics. Let’s see the numbers and curiosity. There is no spectator in the stands but it is still a standard version. 200 countries are participating, 306 scheduled competitions for 42 disciplines, with some new entries: surfing, climbing, karate and skiing, novelties that the IOC wanted to retain a younger audience.

The great absentee is Russia, Banned by the International Olympic Committee for doping: in Tokyo only some athletes who walked without Moscow’s flag and on the podium would go without anthem.
The United States presents itself with the usual army (613 members), China also has 431 units. The topic of gender equality is another key he fought for so much and in fact at the swearing-in ceremony men and women will be represented equally: England went ahead by sending a team (367) with women outnumbering 201. men.
New Zealand also sets a record, publishing Laurel Hubbard, transgender pesista e prima To participate in a five-chamber review.

Italy in the Olympics

The blue campaign at this Tokyo Olympics really broke records: In fact, 384 Italians (197 men and 187 women) will compete in Tokyo. With Lombardy and Lazio the most represented regions, in 36 of the 42 specializations in the programme. Apart from individual personalities with swimming champions from Gregorio Baltrinieri to Simona Quadarella, passing Federica Pellegrini in the fifth and final Olympic participation, and those of fencing (there will be Aldo Montano, also for his Olympiad No. 5), Italy’s Tokyo team. It also relies heavily on team sports.

After 17 years, basketball is back Blue who tore up the fairway with a surprise victory over the Serbian battleship. Also in the 3v3 girls’ race, another novelty of the programme. Then volleyball, women’s and men’s, with renewed hopes of a medal, water polo (absent from the Setterosa girls) and softball in the new blue for the European title.
The football box is empty, an absence that collides with Mancini’s victory in Euro 2020 for the national team. Double flag bearer with Jessica Rossi and Ilya Viviani.

So many stars in the Olympics

Athletics free-legged Usain Bolt quickly searches for his heirs in Noah Lyles and very young (17-year-old) Aerion Knighton. The highlight is also blue Marcel Jacobs.
Other curiosities of this Olympic Games in Tokyo. The marathon – moved to Sapporo to avoid the dangers of high temperatures and humidity in Tokyo – will make Eliud Kipchoge the man to beat. In the pool, after the laurels of Michael Phelps, it will be the American Katie Ledecky (five Olympic gold medals already) who will try to emulate the Baltimore giant.
In tennis, on the other hand, the absence of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer weighs them down, and to some extent Italy also contributes to the excellent splits with Matteo Berrettini, the new Wimbledon finalist.
The Olympics have begun, let’s have fun.

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