4 without in the final!  Double pls from Rodini-Cesarini and Oppo-Ruta - OA Sport in disguise

4 without in the final! Double pls from Rodini-Cesarini and Oppo-Ruta – OA Sport in disguise

Excellent blue kayaking budget at the end of The second day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo: Five Italian boats today in the waters in drums They all go through the turn, avoiding replays. in a A Final Four without the top men, at semi-finals The two without a big lady, the two without a big male, and the two without a female, and the man doubles the light.

the Four without senior male By Matteo Castaldo, Bruno Rossetti, Matteo Ludo and Giuseppe Ficino broke the pass for the last act and finished second in the second series at 5’57 67, Fourth total time trial. The Azzurri folds to Great Britain, first at 5’55 36, even if the best overall time is for Australia, who won the first battery at 5’54 27 ahead of the USA (5’57″ 27).

the Two without a big female Keri Tontodonati and Aisha Rochek qualified for the semi-finals thanks to third place in the first series at 7’22 79, which deserves nonetheless Fifth total time trial. In front of the blue are Canada and Romania, as well as the winners of the other two rounds, Australia and New Zealand.

the Two without senior male Giovanni Abagnale and Marco Di Costanzo qualified thanks to second place in the second battery at 6’48” 74, 6″ 00 of Australia. Azure with Eighth for the comprehensive trial Among the nine teams that have already reached the semi-finals.

the Women’s double light weights Valentina Rodini and Federica Cesarini pass the round by taking second place at 7’04 66 in the first series, 1 19 from France. blue colonel Fourth total time trial, also behind Romania and Great Britain, among the six in the penultimate act.

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the Men’s Double Light Weights Stefano Ubo and Pietro Willi Rota qualified for the semi-finals despite being defeated by Germany which leads the Azzurri by 2″ 54. Italy’s time, 6’24 25, is The third in general, which was also overtaken by Ireland among the six teams that have already entered the semi-finals.

Italy was not in the race in Four without a big female, the majors where Holland, China, Australia (with Olympic best performance at 6’28″ 76) and Ireland were already in the finalEight seniorsNew Zealand and the United States qualified for the finalEight big boys, with Germany and the Netherlands in the last chapter.

Italy is also absent in Re Who completed the quarterly qualifiers in old female it is in one old manThe semi-finalists in Senior Double Female it is in Double senior male.

Photo: LM/Danilo Vigo

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