The newcomer makes GZSZ fans stunned: "It looks like..."

The newcomer makes GZSZ fans stunned: “It looks like…”

Two years later, Luis Ahrens returned to Kolle-Kiez. The new actor reminds fans of GZSZ about the former newcomer.

Berlin – Very few expected this return. Luis Arens returns to Australia and New Zealand after two years Back to Kolle-Kiez. While Tony can look forward to her brother, GZSZ fans have to get used to the backpackers first.

Mac Weinmann (23) returns to Kolle-Kiez as Luis Ahrens. © TVNow

Because with Mark Weinman (23 years old) a completely new actor will take on the role of the former student. Prior to that, Maximilian Braun (24) played the role of Nina’s son.

Visually, the new GZSZ has some similarities with its predecessor. The 23-year-old also has curly black hair, but he looks a bit stronger and has a different eye color (brown instead of blue).

Perhaps many GZSZ fans see it a little differently. The newcomer reminds them of another resident of the current neighborhood: Tobias Evers.

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“At first glance he looks a lot like Tobias”, “Tobias without a beard and twenty years younger”, “It could be Tobias’ son, because of the hair and something” or “He looks like Tobias” are the comments on Instagram.

They suspect that Louis could become Moretz’s great love. After all, Yvonne’s son was also in Australia. It is very likely that the two travelers have already met in Down Under.

The similarity is certainly there.  Jan Keatman (38) plays Tobias Evers.

The similarity is certainly there. Jan Keatman (38) plays Tobias Evers. © TVNOW / Rolf Baumgartner

“Of course, Lewis is making two completely new stories in motion at Kiez, and I’m really excited about myself and the audience can also be excited about them,” said the GZSZ representative without divulging much.

However, what GZSZ fans can’t understand is why the role is newly cast in the first place. Because apparently Max Brown also wanted to return to his old role. According to his own statements, the actor is said to have been involved in the casting process, but in the end it was decided to make a new addition.

One user complains, for example, “but that’s a poor feat to reenact when the current actor is available”.

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RTL hasn’t shared the exact reasons, but it’s possible that Lewis looks a bit older or else he’ll change. After all, he’s spent the past two years as a backpacker abroad.

For the first time, GZSZ fans can watch the “new” Louis from September 27 at 7.40pm RTL or at any time on demand in TVNOW.

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