The nature and relaxation area opens for summer 2025 in Grandes-Ventes

The nature and relaxation area opens for summer 2025 in Grandes-Ventes

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“We have lost count of the number of years that we as elected officials have heard that there was no place where young people could come together,” emphasizes the city mayor. Grand Ventes (Seine-Maritime)Nicolas Bertrand.

This observation has been taken into account. To combine the area's sustainable goal for 2030, with this desire to provide a place for young people, but also to provide an intergenerational educational space, the idea of ​​creating a space for nature and relaxation emerged.

Sponsored project

It will be set up on Avenue Saint-Vaast from now until the end of the year. Strategic location, because it is not far from the residences where families live, but also from the school.

After working on the file and completing the draft of the park, the municipality launched its applications Subsidies. This would enable financing 70% of the project, whose cost is estimated at 1,111,371 euros.

6 to 8 months of work

As for the work, “it is possible that it will begin in the fall, if administrative matters go well,” the mayor says.
The garden will take between six to eight months to be revealed.

Therefore, the opening could take place in the summer of 2025. One thing is certain, this space will be delivered before the end of the term.

Nicolas Bertrand

A place where we will find a picnic area, a sports field, children's games, a water point, a skate park and where nature will of course have its place. And to discover and contemplate it, Sweet connections It will be implemented.

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