Two years later, digital medical records are increasingly being consulted

Two years later, digital medical records are increasingly being consulted

“The French are gradually taking over my health space. We feel a real take-off.”confirms Thomas Fatomi, head of Social Security. Without any let-up, the Social Security and Digital Health delegation celebrated, on Thursday, February 29, 2024, the two-year anniversary of the digital health record.

We all have one (unless we reject it), which we can consult on a computer ( ) or on a smartphone, but there are still only 11 million of us who have activated it.

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Doctors are using it more and more

The threshold of 250 million documents sent in these notebooks was recently crossed. Syndrome “An empty shell “He walks away.

The significant effort that has gone into software publishers to make them compatible and interoperable is beginning to pay off. Although half of the private sector doctors (50,000) are somewhat hesitant so far, they have already used this tool that allows in particular the secure communication of documents between the patient and various professionals.

Vaccination and testing reinforcements…

Their number has increased significantly in recent months. Feeding the instrument correctly is part of ongoing negotiations with doctors. However, use is not yet widespread, falling from seven in ten radiology practices to less than half of hospitals.

Within a few weeks, a calendar of available services will be added. But, and this is a bit disappointing, it won't be a job that brings together all our medical appointments. Hala Al-Gharyani, digital health representative, explains that the alert will be given “Key dates for prevention appointments” Such as reinforcement of vaccinations or reminders for organized check-ups.

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