The Lord of the Rings: ‘Rings of Power’ filming locations in pictures

Watching the fantasy series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”, many fans are wondering where the epic scene was filmed. It may look as great as the wonderful surroundings. In fact, you can also enjoy the landscapes of our world.

Rings of Power: These are the filming locations

The success of “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” Amazon I started. The fantasy series is made by him running lifetime on the sofa at home and inspire their imaginative lovers with stunning landscapes, among other things:

  • The series “The Rings of Power” has been released on North and South Island in New Zealand turned. Two-thirds of the shooting The first season Held in film studios and the rest on site.
  • on me South Island (New Zealand’s two largest main islands) Several major parts were filmed for the first season. Among other things served Queenstown, Manaburi, Central Otago and Mount Kidd in Fiordland as background. subordinate Kahurangi National Park It also served as an impressive filming location for the movie “The Rings of Power”.
  • Use the crew even Several stretches of coastwhich just for each helicopter Or one boat can be reached unnamed beach in the South Island. The rock formations Provides you the perfect backdrop for the harbor entrance depiction of “Númeno” in the series.
  • Locations They were there too Auckland Film Studios in Aucklandwhich are divided into five different groups and Comio Film Studios in comuNot far from Auckland. In addition, they came Kelly Park Film Studios in Waynu And the 501 Buckland Road in Matta Mattawhich served as the setting for the Hobbit film series.
  • subordinate Kaitoki Provincial Park In New Zealand it was the filming location for the home of one of the main characters Elrond, with most of Rivendell computer animation had become.
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Worth knowing about ‘Rings of Power’

Fantastic adventures have been exciting in the fantasy series since September 2, 2022 Amazon Prime Video her fans. We’ve rounded up some interesting facts about the series for you:

  • The main shooting to me series It started in early 2020 and had to be stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to new security lines, the crew then resumed filming in May 2020, so that filming could finally be completed in early August 2021.
  • to me view With dwarves it is different Technologies Used to make it look smaller than the rest of the crew and props.
  • Although you meet in one place short trip distance New Zealand Not hobbits, orcs, or elves, but the dreamy landscapes with their natural powers are still worth a visit. as the youngest Condolences to the fans However, the fictional “shire” remains in Matmata, where the “hobbit houses” can be seen from the outside.
  • Who doesn’t have such a long time airline For New Zealand, he can also approach Middle-earth in Europe: on the website You have the opportunity to stay in a replica of the “Hobbit Houses”.

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