Ad with a goose: Did Emirates copy Air New Zealand?

Ad with a goose: Did Emirates copy Air New Zealand?

Years ago, a goose boarded an Air New Zealand plane instead of using its own wings. Emirates is now offering a very similar promotional video – and Air New Zealand is responding.

A white goose enters Sydney airport pulling a suitcase behind. “I know what you’re thinking: Why would this bird take an Air New Zealand flight to Los Angeles,” said the animal and got on the plane. “Well, I’ve been traveling long distances a lot, but this migration across the Pacific is hard work.”

Air New Zealand’s roughly two-minute video follows a goose named Dave on its flight on an Air New Zealand plane. The advertisement dates back to 2016 and has won many awards.

Air New Zealand responds to Emirates’ goose

In August 2022, Emirates released a promotional video that was shorter but very similar in concept. A black, white, and tan Canadian goose named Jerry chooses to fly the Emirates Airbus A380 instead of using its own wings. The video has been viewed more than 4.6 million times.

In early September, Air New Zealand responded with a clip directed at Emirates Airlines. “I finally convinced my old friend Jerry not to fly anymore,” says White Goose Dave. “The only problem is he boarded the wrong airline. What are you doing at Emirates, Jerry? It has to be Air New Zealand!” This is the airline that offers “delicious food, Kiwi hospitality and clever advertising campaigns.”

Birds really do fly with Air New Zealand

Emirates responded with a short video of its own and wrote that it “definitely recommends” Dave to fly Emirates, among other things because of the comfortable seats. While Air New Zealand is enriching its clip with some new images, Air Dubai is using only its current footage with a new audio recording.

By the way, the birds are already seen on Air New Zealand planes, although not in the same way as in the promotional videos for geese. So the airline moved only in August Six Chatham Bluebirds, one of the world’s rarest shorebirds, in an ATR-72.

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