The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari, Zero, Ao and Nayuta confirmed in English

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari, Zero, Ao and Nayuta confirmed in English

Update | This morning’s Falcom event confirmed all the information that was revealed yesterday by the Epic Games Store, now knowing that the games will also be available on Steam and On the console side, the four titles will be released as expected on PS4 and switch on the dates indicated. For its part, the Geofront . team confirmed That his translations (in English) from tracks from scratch And the Lazuli Corridors It will be used as the basis for games marketed by NIS America. In addition to the good mark of appreciation, the result of this commercial partnership is that Geofront has pulled its free translations from its site.

Quite simply, four games from The Legend of Heroes saga are now guaranteed to join NIS America’s list of localized titles, with releases slated for 2022 and especially 2023. Without anyone knowing at the moment if Epic Games has negotiated an exclusive contract that That would prevent those titles from launching simultaneously on Steam, however you don’t have to worry about consoles (at least the PS4 whose games Falcom is developing and the switch that NIS America is carrying. Everything).

As far as we can tell right away, patience and longevity will be key words for fans of the Falcom saga. Because the first game to appear won’t be released until fall 2022. It’s about to Legend of Heroes: Paths from ZeroThe modified version of the PSP game released by Falcom in Japan last year on PS4. This is the first part of the duology Crossbell that will logically follow Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure Set in the year 2023. These two titles revolve around Lloyd Bannings and his friends in the Special Support Department, which Western players will eventually discover first in 3 . cold steel tracks.

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While many fans will be delighted to finally be able to spot the Crossbell duo on modern platforms, those who wait before anything else will be a little shocked to discover that they will have to wait for a wave in 2023 before they can touch Legend of Heroes: Paths in Imagination, the official English title for Hajimari no Kiseki (released August 27, 2020 in Japan). The final part before the start of the new arc embodied by Kuro no Keiseki (which will be released in September in Japan), this title revolves around Rean Schwarzer, Lloyd Bannings, and the mysterious ā€œCā€ while allowing the player to pass freely from one direction to another.

Finally, another ancient wish of the PSP era will come true with the announcement of The Legend of Nayota: Unlimited Trails. This Action-RPG released in 2010 appeared on Sony laptop today in Japan in the form of PS4 remaster. So this is the version that we will discover in 2023 on our consoles but also on computers.

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