The kiwi sings again in New Zealand

The kiwi sings again in New Zealand

Kiwi watchers were able to record the song of this terrestrial bird in locations that were silent at the last count. The kiwi population, which is difficult to notice, seems to have increased.

Every year at the same time, kiwi watchers gather at the various observation posts scattered among the woodlands and farmland of Northland, the northern tip of New Zealand.

Using their ears, these watchers recognize the New Zealand kiwi and hope to hear their unique song: “A piercing high-pitched whistle [chez les mâles]or annular tap [chez les femelles]”Describe guardian.

An endangered species

Crouched in half moonlight, the watchers sit silently, listening and waiting. The kiwi is a symbolic animal of New Zealand, but it is highly endangered and its song is now rare to hear.

By meeting annually to listen to their cries, observers seek to follow the development of kiwi populations in this region, and the details of guardian. The data collected in this way is combined with the Kiwi Listening Blitz data, a process that is performed each time



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