Apparently New Zealand beat Argentina in the Rugby Championship

Apparently New Zealand beat Argentina in the Rugby Championship

The gap is less significant than during the first confrontation between New Zealand and Argentina (39-0), last Sunday, in the rugby tournament. But it is clear that the All Blacks still dominate the Pumas (36-13), on Saturday in Brisbane, during the fourth day of the Southern Hemisphere Championship. In four matches, they had the same number of victories and were strong leaders. Argentina now has four defeats.

In the break, the New Zealanders were already 24-3 ahead, with three attempts scored by Patrick Tuipuloto (5th), TJ Perinara (26) and Topo Fai (40+2). The All Blacks also had two disallowed attempts (Will Jordan and Rieko Ioane), each time for an attacker.

In the second half, New Zealand consolidated its lead, scoring two new attempts, thanks to Samisoni Taukei’aho (46) and again Vaa’i (78). She could have even scored another goal, if Finley Christie hadn’t let the ball slip before flattening (53rd place).

Winger Emiliano Bovelli saved the Argentine’s fifteenth honor by scoring his team’s only attempt (52) and even all the points, by converting and two penalties. Next Saturday, the All Blacks will face South Africa, the world champion, but was defeated again by Australia (30-17) on Saturday. The Argentines will face the same wallabies.

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