New Zealand will open up again to the world

New Zealand will open up again to the world

From February 27, New Zealanders residing in Australia will be able to return home. But it is necessary to wait until October for New Zealand, isolated for two years, to fully reopen its borders, it declares New Zealand Herald.

Like a huge sigh of relief. Expect announcements made on Thursday, February 3rd Prime Minister Jacinda Ardernthe New Zealand Herald Themed, pictured for the Auckland airport reunion: Borders open.

But in five steps, Daily details on her site by reporting on the plan revealed by Jacinda Ardern. In fact, the borders will not fully open until October. But as of February 27, “Kiwi from Australia” They will be allowed to return to their country. After two weeks, all New Zealand citizens who are currently abroad will be able to do the same. Everyone will have to self-isolate for ten days but will no longer be subject to hotel quarantine. It is a measure that will also be gradually lifted.

Little by little, thanks to the 95% vaccinated population, you will enter New Zealand “A new normal”, The Prime Minister rejoiced, who, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, has consistently defended his “zero Covid” policy, one of the harshest in the world. Praised everywhere for her management of the health crisis – New Zealand has denounced just 23 deaths for its 5 million people – Jacinda Ardern has recently been criticized for her stubbornness.

Many New Zealanders have been stuck abroad for two years. In April 2021, some were able to return thanks to the creation of a travel “bubble” with Australia. But in the face of the delta variable advance, Jacinda Ardern had decided, three months later, to put it on hold.

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The Omicron variant also derailed the government’s plans, which before its meteoric spread across the planet had planned to fully reopen borders in April.


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