Rugby. Nouvelle-Zélande. Beauden Barrett a pensé mettre un terme à sa carrière

Football. New Zealand. Boden Barrett thought about ending his career

We last saw him in the Meadows on November 13th at Ireland, his accomplices left prematurely for a head trauma. that day, Bewden Barrett He played his last game in 2021, and missed the trip to France and suffered a setback with all black Galvanized Clover XV (29-20). This was followed by a long period of doubt for New Zealand No. 10. Concussion victim, Barrett took too long to recover, violent headache victim. During a long interview with L’Equipe, he looked back at this difficult period with chilling words. Back to the blues, after a stint in Suntory Songliat to JapanHe hopes to resume competition quickly:Over the past two weeks, things have been much better. But around the off season (In December and January), I have had migraines 80-90% of the time. Today it tends to fade away, and the headaches I get are much rarer. I will gradually resume communication training. I hope to play again in three weeks against heads“.

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It must be said that the former best player in the world lived in a real hell. Concerned about his situation, he even admitted that he considered putting an end to his career : “I thought it might be the end of my career. When you feel sluggish 99% of the day, you try several ways to get better but nothing works, you plan for the worst. And then you hear about his teammates who have to end their careers because of a concussion, it’s getting more and more frequent. I thought it was my turn. Before proceeding:You learn to get used to small headaches, like a mild hangover. It is very frustrating because when you wake up, in principle, you should feel refreshed and prepared. I was like in a bubble. I tried to enjoy my holidays, Christmas parties and family time. I wasn’t keen on worrying about my loved ones, but deep down I didn’t feel well. It was a test. ” Bewden Barrett also thought about his older brother, Kane, who had to stop playing rugby at the age of 25 due to a concussion..

All Blacks: The Beauden-Barrett v. XV deal for France?All Blacks: The Beauden-Barrett v. XV deal for France?

The 30-year-old says he took anti-inflammatories to treat his recurring pain. After consulting with doctors, Bewden Barrett always assures the team that he does yoga, a practice that has now become an integral part of his preparations:First, there’s the neurological component, with brain trauma. But what I learned next is that most of my migraines come from the back of my neck. The concussion caused a violent extension, injury to the neck, causing misalignment of the spine between C3 and C4. (cervical vertebrae). A specialist put it back in place. And practicing yoga helps me find the correct spinal alignment. Yin yoga has become a priority for me, and a staple in the weeks I have it. I included it in my preparation. ”Now he’s back on his feet, so Beauden Barrett has to play the part super rugby Pacific with the Auckland Blues franchise. He would make a formidable squad with his teammates, and one of the most seductive three-quarters streaks on the Planet Oval on paper.

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