New Zealand almost escaped the spread of COVID-19

New Zealand almost escaped the spread of COVID-19

New Zealand has received nothing but praise since the start of the pandemic. For a year, only 2,500 cases were diagnosed in this Oceania country.

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This island of five million people implemented very strict measures at the beginning of the crisis.

On the other hand, his efforts seem to have worked because over the past few months, New Zealanders have been living virtually without restrictions.

“In Quebec, everyone is wearing masks, everyone is turning away, here, this is not the case at all, everyone is living their normal lives.[nt]Quebec-based Jack Landry is the CEO of the New Zealand Cycling Federation.

Remember, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, locked up the entire country for about six weeks at the start of the pandemic.

“When they look a little at what is happening elsewhere and abroad, they realize that they are very spoiled. The only time you should wear a mask is on public transportation or when you are traveling on a domestic or international flight,” Quebec remembers.

As in Canada, the borders are closed in New Zealand. Only residents or citizens with a passport of the country can enter.

sports resume

Since there are very few restrictions across the country, athletes can train and even compete.

Incidentally, a cycling competition was supposed to take place last week, but the city of Auckland was under stricter restrictions for 14 days.

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“It caused some problems, especially at home, we organized the National Track Championship last week which we had to postpone because obviously people from Auckland were supposed to come in,” recalls the CEO.

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