The final battle for the top six has begun

The final battle for the top six has begun

In the later games, the hierarchy finally became clear. Behind Montpellier and Bordeaux-Bigles, who are slightly ahead, there are six clubs that maintain 6 points. Therefore, two contenders for the title will be disqualified on the evening of 26And the And the last day of the regular season.

First Montpellier 60 points

After an impressive run of ten unbeaten matches (9 wins and 1 draw), MHR has stalled a little more with two defeats in its last three matches (in Castres and Toulouse). If the Héraultais don’t lose their heads, they have the chance to resume their march forward by taking on the rising duo (BO at home, Usap at Perpignan). It would be best to stock up on points before a tough schedule over the past 4 days (UBB, LOU, Racing, Clermont)…Paul Willemse is back with the captain’s armband and Grand Slam championship aura. Just like “Momo” Haouas for scrum anchoring. If Italian opening half Paolo Garbesi takes a week off, he will be eagerly awaiting it. Hoping to take full advantage of the confidence brought back by the first victory in seven years of XV transalpine in the Six Nations Championship. The fairly long-lasting injuries to Cerfontaine, Dumaiero, Vincent, Pollard and Baylog impair the back spin.

2 UBB, 58 points

Repetitions damage the Girondin club. UBB denied Cameron Wookie, Yoram Movana, as well as his joint, Maxime Loco, in the French squad, Mathieu Gallibert, still injured, and UBB jaw: only one win in the last seven games of the 14. Confidence started well with a continuous streak of five defeats. But with the return of Loco, who can’t wait to play more than five minutes into the game, and Wookie (who will play in the second streak where Marais, Petty, Golems, Kazuo and Douglas are all short), was Christoph Orius hoping for a blast?

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Leon III 54 points

After winning six matches in a row, LOU paused a bit: only one success in the last three matches in the 14th place. And a generous programme: trips to Toulouse and Bordeaux; Receptions of Toulon Montpellier and La Rochelle. Suffice it to say that the field of error is minimal, as is the room for maneuver. However, the workforce is spared the injuries, even if the three-quarters streak organizer, Charlie Ngatai, who had a knee injury, is seriously short.

Fourth Caster 54 points

As is often the case, the CO2 lays down, no noise, no big bursts but no black streak as well. By winning three of their last four matches (against Toulon, Lyon and Montpellier), FC Tarn have taken advantage of complications to further their ambitions. With a schedule relatively lax compared to his rivals, eliminations from the Champions Cup to soften the schedule, and a workforce slightly impacted by France’s 15th, Custer could surprise once again. The receptions for Stade Toulouse (for the sulfur derby always) and Clermont will be decisive. The only downside is his precious Fijian Filimonie Potito is suspended until April 25th…

V Toulouse 53 points

Unscrewing the screws was amazing. Six consecutive defeats in the top 14 (the series began even before dozens of internationals left 15th for France), before the start of the season. A victory over the barbed wire over UBB (12-11), a setback in Paris and an outright awakening over Montpellier last weekend (35-10). Key complications included: if Toulouse lost three places in the standings, they would still be part of the top 6. The return of Bale, Marchand, Kroes, Yellowunch, Dupont, Netamak and Ramos, among others, will do a lot of good for the duo. French champion in the title. A place in the top two, synonymous with direct qualification to the semi-finals, is not utopian. However, they will have to fight at the same time to defend their European title. We hope that neither physical exhaustion nor moral exhaustion will inflict many foreigners. And in other good news, the indispensable New Zealand midfielder Peta Ahki has finally entered the recovery phase after a knee injury. Awakening can be painful for future opponents (including Leon, Caster, and La Rochelle)…

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6 Racing 92 51 points

The race is much better, thanks to him. After a difficult start to the season, the residents of Ile-de-France have racked up six league victories? Before relapse, heavy and incomprehensible on Perpignan garden (34-13). A blessing in disguise if the problem is overconfidence. After their feet on the ground, Racingman will deal with a strange schedule. Trips to La Rochelle and Montpellier, or a triple derby (top 14 and Champions Cup) in three weeks against its Parisian neighbor Stade Francis. Beware of unpleasant surprises. Just above the waterline, President Lorenzetti’s club has no right to go out of the way. On the active side, the light is green. Teddy Thomas, Bernard Le Roux and even the talented Nolan Le Garrick, who has recovered from a serious shoulder injury, are back. An abundant workforce allowed Gil Fico to take a few days off.

7th La Rochelle, 50 points

Attonio, Alderete and Dante, the three Grand Slam champions from La Rochelle, are inevitably back tired. It would be necessary to be meticulous, between legitimate need and legitimate comfort … and to avoid fluctuations in concentration. A defeat in Biarritz, three convincing victories and a big setback at RCT Park (41-11) last Saturday… Calendar-wise, it looks hot with receptions at Racing and Stade Français, trips to Toulouse and Lyon, not to mention the three-way showdown (the best 14 and Champions Cup) against UBB. The danger of attention to the unfortunate finalist last season of the European Cup and the championship. “With this group, I had good signals, but in the end, the result was not there. Perhaps the season ends on Saturday against Racing 92.Ronan warned Ogara of being deeply affected by the absence of the mutiny of his forces in Toulon.

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8 Clermont, 48 points

Auvernatics just filled in at home by winning their three games in quick succession. Not without shivering in the face of competitors, Lou (25-16) and UBB (29-26). The calendar is difficult with flights to Toulon and Castres, or Montpellier’s reception on the last day. result 8And the The final home and away match against Leicester Tigers is sure to play on group dynamics that are gradually taking back their best elements (George Mwala, Fritz Lee, Johann Behergaray). However, ASM will have to lay off that until the end of its Fijian pest season, Apisai Naqalevu, who has had a broken arm.

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