England against a fourth crown, and blue in an ambush.. what you need to know before the first day

England against a fourth crown, and blue in an ambush.. what you need to know before the first day

They intend to overthrow the hierarchy. Here are two versions of which The Blue finished second in the Six Nations behind England devouring the lowest title by greed. While Scotland and Ireland host England and Wales respectively on Saturday 26 March, France will make their first appearance in the competition on Sunday, hosting Italy.

In a year under the banner of a world that promises to be electric in October in New Zealand, this 2022 tournament is filled with a special flavour. It is presented as a last major step: a chance for the different groups to assess themselves and hone forces before attempting to find the trophy on the other side of the world in a few months’ time.

The combination of power, speed and devastating long foot movement. The recipe for XV de la Rose is neither very fresh nor whimsical, but it is very effective. Thanks to its players, the country that invented rugby dominates the rugby world rankings. Leaders with 96.26 points, well ahead of New Zealand (88.58) and France (88.43), the English intend to cement their dominance a little more.

Championship dominance does not escape. Simon Middleton’s players still had three victories in the same number of copies. England is also the most successful of the six countries with 15 final successes. Winning the 2022 edition will allow them to make an impression before going to challenge the Blacks Ferns, the world champions, at home to win the world title at the end of the year.

Les Bleues will swap historic spades for devastating tackles and fiery support, but make no mistake, Annick Hayraud’s protects are after the English queens’ chiefs. Confidence bolstered by the fall tour they went out undefeated after twice dominating New Zealand, the five-time world champions – oops – Tricolores want to expand their beautiful dynamics.

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Like their male counterparts, they aim to win the championship.”grand slam“Even, in the words of their sporting director, Thomas Darrac. To do this, it will first be necessary to exclude Italy, which finished fourth in the last championship. The crew also prepared a group in line with the November round which was marked by a strong presence of the young shoots.

If the first two mentioned generally leave only crumbs, then each version has its share of surprises. Where the English chain the championships by defeating their opponents by nearly 40 points to their opponents (excluding the Blues), the Tricolors may have been really surprised.

If the Irish (the seventh country in the world) in 2020 and 2021 had to settle for only third place, in 2019, the Italians would have stolen the runner-up role over the Blues with a 31-12 victory. In 2020, the Blues could not do better than a draw in Scotland (13-13). However, if the two favorites retain their rank, the games will look somewhat open behind them.

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